Signet Marine Services

Signet Maritime Corporation provides door to door transportation services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year supplying turnkey project management of all rig activities domestically and globally, infield and at sea for jack-ups, semi-submersibles, tender barges, drillbarges, drillships, floating production units (FPSO), spars, and tension leg platforms (TLP's).

Signet's total turnkey transportation project management provides our customers with superior technology, knowledgeable resources and expertise gained through experience allowing our customers a rapid return on investment and minimal delays while continuing with normal business. Signet's customized services are designed to meet and exceed the unique and demanding needs of any project.

Services include:

  • Tugs for loading/offloading and ocean towage
  • Agency services, including customs and documentation clearance for vessels, cargo and personnel
  • Interface with local Harbor Authorities
  • Arrange shorebase and warehouse facilities
  • Tow Plans, Tow Drawings, Vessel Condition Surveys
  • Marine Warranty, Tow Master, Mooring Master and Barge Master Services
  • Project Specific Weather Reporting
  • Subsea Services, Site Assessments, Side Scan Sonar and Bottom Survey Reports
  • Real-time positioning with C3D and C4D Modeling (GPS based navigating technology)
  • On-site Project Management with daily reporting and Major Project Risk Analyses before every operation
  • Wet Tow vs. Dry Tow cost and safety analyses
  • Ship Assist and Ship Escort
  • Technical Project Support
  • In-House Transport Engineering Services
  • Harbor Tugboats & Crewboats
  • Coastal Towing and Inland Pushboat Operations
  • Barge Rental Services
  • Offshore Marine & Energy Services
  • Petroleum Transport & Vessel Bunkering
  • Ship Docking & Undocking
  • Project Cargo Transport
  • LNG Escort and Assist Services

For additional information on Signet or the services we provide, please contact us at

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